GoGo SqueeZ Recall: What You Need to Know Now

Children's applesauce maker GoGo squeeZ is voluntarily recalling applesauce due to mold found in some of the containers. Those who have affected products between the "Best Before" dates June 30, 2016, and July 26, 2016, can request a voucher. While some are applauding GoGo's efforts, others are wondering what took so long.


In the GoGo squeeZ announcement, the company aims to reassure parents and caregivers they're doing everything they can to provide 100-percent natural snacks that are safe for families to consume. Calling in expert scientists and ordering independent lab work, they were able to identify affected products (unfortunately, they couldn't catch all that headed to store shelves), and they stated that they're working with the FDA to help prevent a moldy situation like this from happening again. 

GoGo squeez also wants parents to know that while some of the products in question might contain mold (they say it resembles what you would see on fruit), experts claim there are no known health risks. Should you or anyone you know have questions, you can give the folks at GoGo a call at 1-844-275-5841, or check out the announcement at gogosqueez.com for more details.

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If this whole thing surrounding GoGo and mold sounds a little familiar to you, it should.

The popular children's squeezable landed in hot water with parents several months ago, after an old Facebook post from 2014 (a mom claimed her son needed hospital treatment because he ate a rotten GoGo squeeZ product) was sent around -- prompting concerned moms and dads to question why GoGo squeeZ wasn't doing anything about it. In May of this year, the company reissued the same community update they did when the post originally surfaced, reiterating to parents their commitment to providing "the highest quality snacks" for their kids (they also owned up to deleting the mom's Facebook post from their page).

Since then, it seems like things have been somewhat quiet on the news front, with some encouraging folks to keep calm and carry on, and others continuing to post photos on Facebook of GoGo products with questionable mold.

Given GoGo squeeZ says it doesn't use preservatives, one can only assume that natural products will eventually spoil (GoGo says a common mold was found on the products in question). Does that mean parents should take a "thanks for the heads up" approach to the matter, or steer away from purchasing potentially risky edibles with a questionable shelf life?

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Only you can answer that question for your family.

At least now you know what's going on -- along with whispers of things that likely didn't make the papers.


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