Little Boy Doesn't Know What Maxi Pads Are for, but He Knows His Mom Needs 'Em (VIDEO)

Any mom knows that grocery shopping can be hit or miss. Sometimes you feel prepared, and sometimes you pick up everything except for that one item you went to get but forgot about. This little boy seems to think his mom really needs maxi pads, and refuses to part ways with this 42-count -- in case she needs them, for her butt.


"Do you use these, for your butt?" asks Ebony Clark's little boy, whom she calls Chris. "I saw you, the other days." Chris tries his best to sell his mom on these maxi pads before she shuts it down.

Chris, honey, they aren't for your tush -- but you're in the region.

Ugh I deleted it trying to change the privacy settings for my family who wanted to post it...i believe you can do it dnow..

Posted by Ebony Clark on Sunday, October 11, 2015

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I think Chris has a future in sales, or as a lawyer. Little dude definitely knows how to argue his point. Even though Ebony didn't need any feminine hygiene products, you gotta give her son some credit for caring about his mother's wellness. After all, period accidents aren't any fun ... at all.

Come to think of it, Chris, I might need to stock up on some maxi pads, considering my "Aunt Ruby" is just about ready to pay a visit.

Thank you for the reminder!


Image via Ebony Clark/Facebook

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