Flight Attendants Help Deliver Mom's Baby & Passenger Applause Will Give You All the Feels (VIDEO)

While on a lengthy flight from Bali to Los Angeles, Amira Rajput had no idea she would capture footage of a mother giving birth on an airplane. Luckily, there was a doctor on board who was able to safely deliver this child on China Airlines 30,000 feet in the air.


This definitely gives a new meaning to the term "baby on board."

Amira was able to capture surrounding passengers applauding the doctor and crew as they worked together to help mom and the arrival of her baby. What's crazy -- not including the fact that this mom gave birth two months earlier than expected in the air -- is that the Taiwanese woman didn't scream or alert people that she was in fact in labor (perhaps she didn't even know).

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Two hours later, the new mom welcomed a baby girl before the flight made an emergency stop in Anchorage, Alaska. Mom and baby were taken to the hospital, while the rest of those on board the flight continued to Los Angeles.


I'm so happy there was a physician on board who could help this mother -- not to mention an attentive flight crew who appeared to make the unexpected event as seamless as possible. I can only imagine the amount of nerves that were probably at a 10 that day, but I'm glad both mom and baby are healthy.

Image via The Kitchen Doc/YouTube

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