Mom Shaves Son's Head & Forces Him to Wear Tutu in Public as Punishment

There seems to be an never-ending discussion at the parenting water cooler on whether or not public humiliation is the way to handle an unruly child. One South Carolina mother made her son wear a tutu and women's garments inside a Walmart as punishment for fighting and using anti-gay remarks in school.


The unnamed mom was apparently so fed up with her son's recent behavior (police haven't revealed his age) that she thought making him rock women's boots, an undergarment, and a T-shirt was the best course of action. In addition to the attire he had to wear, this mother also shaved portions of her son's head and wrote the word "BAD" on the back of his dome for all to see. In case you're wondering, fellow Walmart shoppers called the police after seeing the boy -- and while the cops didn't arrest this mom, they did put in a call to the Department of Social Services.

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Whether you're a frequent Walmart shopper, or someone who runs in for a quick pick-me-up, there's a pretty good chance you've seen someone wearing something that was questionable ... to say the least. I shop there for groceries all the time (hey, it's an Oklahoma thang), but I can't seem to recall running into a boy wearing a tutu, women's undergarments, a T-shirt, and lady boots.

Obviously, I have no idea how old this son is, or what he did for his mother to take this course of action. Yes, fighting and making homophobic -- or any discriminating -- remarks of any kind are unacceptable. We do need to teach our children that words and fists do hurt, and won't be tolerated.

But does this mean public humiliation is the way to go?

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I know every child is different and responds differently to punishment. As a mom of two little boys, I will be "all up in it," as they say, should one of them decide to act up -- but I don't think I would go so far as to publicly humiliate them as punishment. Like with any form of discipline, I think you can take things further than they need to go.

Even if you don't mind public shaming, where do you draw the line?


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