Baby & Dog Can't Contain Their Excitement That Daddy Is Home (VIDEO)

Depending on your behavior, hearing "Wait until your father gets home" would either make you very happy, or put the fear of God in ya. Judging by this video, one thing is quite clear: this baby and dog duo are super excited to see Daddy!


Mom Natalie couldn't help but record her tot and pooch standing at the front door as they anxiously waited for Dad to get home. This kid has some sharp eyes considering Dad's Jeep wasn't even near the driveway before all the excitement took place.

Hey, when you love Daddy, you love your dad.

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Aside from this being all sorts of adorable, I'm still laughing at the look the baby shot at the dog. Did anyone else catch the "When he gets in this house, he's mine" glare? Cute!

Too bad we couldn't see what happens when Dad actually gets in the front door (ah well).

This reminds me of my 1 1/2-year-old and how he runs to the door when I come home. Just hearing the pitter-patter of his little feet puts a smile on my face -- and never gets old.

You gotta love kids.


Image via Natalie G/YouTube

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