Toddler Has Successful Surgery to Reattach His Head & His Smile Is Everything (VIDEO)

It's so hard to think about the emotions Rylea Taylor and her family have experienced. One moment, the Australian mom is driving with her 9-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son, and the next, she's hit with the reality that her toddler needs surgery for an internal decapitation.


As much as this sounds like an episode from The Twilight Zone, it did in fact happen.

I think anyone who heard about this story has breathed a huge sigh of relief, as it could've happened to any one of us. Rylea and another driver going about 70 mph hit each other head-on -- with the force of the impact causing Jaxon's head and neck to separate (Rylea was OK thanks to the car's airbag, while daughter Shane had abdominal injuries).

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Thankfully, little Jaxon Taylor seems to be recovering just fine, after an Aussie surgeon -- who obviously has the hands of God -- was able to reattach Jaxon's head to his spine (the operation took six hours). Even though this toddler has to wear a halo for the next eight weeks, things are going better than expected as he can move around, and even kick a soccer ball with a little help from dad. Needless to say, everyone is shocked this 16-month-old was able to survive such horrific injuries and is recovering well enough to go home.

As a parent, all you want to do is shield your child from any potential harm that comes his or her way. My heart sank to hear about such a tragedy, but was ever thankful for the miracle. I pray Jaxon makes a full recovery and enjoys all the splendors of being a toddler.

7 News | Toddler spinal surgery

A toddler has undergone delicate surgery to reattach his head to his neck following a serious car accident.Specialist staff pulled off what was thought to be impossible. The boy will now be able to lead a completely normal life after his marathon surgery.7 News reporter Katrina Blowers has the details.Latest from 7 News: News video: news on Twitter:

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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