This Wine Bottle Is Your Free Pass When Your Kids Annoy Everyone Around You (PHOTO)

wine bottle kidMost of us give teachers gifts at the end of the school year, but when you really think about it, doesn't it almost make more sense to give your kid's teacher a present at the beginning of the year? You know, to get on her good side? (And maybe preemptively make up for the stress your child is bound to cause?)


Of course it makes sense (even if it is a bit transparent). And while you could go the scented candle or Starbucks giftcard route, we love this personalized wine bottle idea from Evermine: Simply buy a bottle of wine, remove the original label, and print out a label like this one with your kid's picture on it:

wine bottle kid

That just says it all right there, doesn't it? Not only are you admitting that your child is, well, maybe a bit of a terror at times, you're also giving the person paid to put up with him all day something to help her cope! Which is pretty much all teachers want from parents, I think -- acknowledgement, and help. Oh, and a laugh. Which this gift also delivers.

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Of course, there's no reason why teachers should be the only people on your personalized wine bottle recipient list. Just think of all the potentially tense situations where a bottle of wine like this could make everybody just a wee bit more tolerant of your spirited little one! For example:

  1. On a crowded plane. Nobody's gonna care if your kid screams all the way through takeoff if they're tipsy!
  2. At a fancy restaurant. Craving a meal at a less-than-kid-friendly establishment? Send your fellow patrons an alcoholic peace offering!
  3. In the middle of the grocery store where your kid is throwing a huge tantrum. Sorry my son just tipped over that whole display of canned pumpkin, want some wine??
  4. At a wedding. Sure, your kid threw herself on the floor and started shrieking right in the middle of your cousin's vows. But how many other guests handed the bride a bottle of wine before she made it out of the church?

Indeed, there are so many people your child might drive to drink on a daily basis. With these wine bottles, you'll be the most popular mom in town instead of a social pariah!


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