Mom & Dad Abandon Baby on Beach to Go Jogging -- Naked (VIDEO)

beachThere's absolutely no acceptable reason to leave a toddler alone, anywhere, for any length of time, but to leave a 1-year-old by herself on the beach so you can go jogging -- naked -- is especially inexcusable. Unfortunately, that's exactly what one Louisiana couple did, and now they're paying the price.


A 20-month-old girl was found on Holly Beach in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, Tuesday morning, sunburned and "covered in mosquito bites." Her parents, meanwhile, weren't found until hours later, jogging naked down the beach. Cody and Monique Bourgeois were arrested, and child protective services was called in to investigate.

I can't imagine what prompted this mom and dad to abandon their tiny child on a beach for hours, though "drug abuse is suspected" (obviously!). The baby was found two miles from a Ford Explorer, also abandoned, which was running at the time. 

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I feel absolutely horrible for this child -- I can't even imagine how scared and uncomfortable the poor little thing must have been on that beach for hours alone! And all so her parents could go for an unfettered run by the shore? It just doesn't make sense. What kind of drug would make somebody do something like this?? Thank God a few mosquito bites and a sunburn are the worst that happened to this kid! 

Check out their guilty (but not guilty enough) faces in the below video:

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Looks like these two got pretty sunburned, too. Which will most likely only be the very beginning of their punishment. 


Image via Chiara Switzer/Flickr

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