Teacher Passes Creepy Note to 7-Year-Old Girl

teacher pass note studentA fourth grade teacher passed a really inappropriate note to a 7-year-old girl -- who luckily showed the note to her dad, who sounded the alarm with the school.


The student's father, Cary Reed, said the note contains a photo of the teacher sticking his tongue out calling the student pet names like "stinky butt."

Then, the next day, the teacher (who hasn't been named) wrote the girl another note, which included a poem asking for the girl's "friendship."

That's when Reed contacted the school -- Aurora Academy Charter School in Colorado -- which promised to investigate. Yet a day later, the dad was notified that the teacher understands that the behavior was "inappropriate" and it "wouldn't happen again."

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Um, that's it?!

All I can say is if my daughter got a letter like that from a teacher, I'd be outraged. I'd march right into that teacher's classroom and order him to back off! 

And while creepy teachers can crop up anywhere, I'm even more miffed at the school for not taking this incident seriously. At the very least, that teacher should be suspended. His background should be thoroughly checked for skeletons, since anyone who crosses the line with students has likely done so in the past ... and may continue in the future.

The fact that the school isn't disciplining this teacher makes me think the school is just trying to squash the story since they're afraid of bad publicity. Sure, it's bad PR when a teacher acts inappropriately, but far worse PR when the school all but looks the other way!


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