Neighbors Aim to Brand Autistic Boy a 'Public Nuisance'

autistic boy public nuisance

Having a child with autism can be challenging enough, but a recent lawsuit in California shows it could get much worse: Neighbors are suing a family with a 9-year-old autistic boy, claiming he's a "public nuisance." 


So what exactly are these neighbors bent out of shape about, anyway? Well, the boy had entered their garage, taken a banana, tossed a few objects over the fence ... in my mind, minor stuff that could happen with any kid with autism, or any kid period.

Yet if these neighbors' lawsuit is successful and this boy is branded a "public nuisance," it could cause major problems for the boy's family. For instance: An "abatement" of this "nuisance" could mean this family would be prohibited from letting their son play outside their house ... or from living in their home at all.

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Talk about a not-so-neighborly situation! Turns out the family with the autistic boy felt so harassed, they moved out in 2014, and rented their home to others. Yet the neighbors are still pursuing their lawsuit. These guys are out for blood!

And if they win, it sets a scary precedent for all families with autistic kids. Because autism or not, kids will be kids, and sometimes rub neighbors the wrong way. As long as there's no permanent damage or harm being done, what's the big deal? Why brand kids a "public nuisance" and give their families such a hard time?

While I think it's a shame this poor family felt the need to move out, I sure hope they settled somewhere with more compassionate and understanding neighbors.


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