Dad's Act of Love for Son in the Rain Takes Internet By Storm (PHOTO)

dad son rain

If you and your kid got caught in the rain and only had one umbrella, what would you do? Well, a recent photo uploaded on imgur shows what one parent did: The dad held the umbrella over his son.


Of course, that means that dad got drenched! By the looks of that briefcase in the pic below, he must be on his way to work ... or maybe even a business meeting. But even so, keeping his son dry is all that matters.

dad umbrella son

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I hafta say, this is so sweet and is exactly what parenthood is all about -- complete martyrdom on a mundane, daily basis.

I'd like to think all parents would do this for their kids -- even if that meant they'd show up drenched to a business meeting. As long as their kiddo is dry and happy that's what counts!


Image via imgur

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