Dad's Child Secretly Given Up for Adoption After Birth Reveals Harsh Truths About Fathers' Rights (VIDEO)

It's hard to imagine the kind of nightmare Chris Emanuel experienced. The 25-year-old South Carolina resident was ecstatic at news he would become a father, but horrified to learn his former girlfriend secretly put their daughter up for adoption -- without as much as a word about little Skylar's birth.


If it wasn't for his state's Responsible Father Registry that alerted Chris his child was born and with a new family, who knows how this story would've ended.

You hear so many stories about "deadbeat dads" and how quick some men are to run away from responsibility, but this certainly isn't one of them. It pains me to hear that a parent would be kept in the dark about his pending bundle of joy. Chris didn't sound like an abusive threat that needed distance, but simply a dad looking forward to hugging and kissing his child.

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What's worse is he almost never got the chance considering how hard he had to fight to get custody in court. Aside from proving he was in fact the father, why did it take pages upon pages of texts and correspondents to show he really wanted his child? Was standing in front of the judge pleading with tears in his eyes not enough? And it took three months? I can't even...

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I'm all for equal rights and raising the flag of girl power, but we also need to do something about situations like this that will hopefully prevent another dad from never knowing his child was born (most men have no idea a Responsible Father Registry exists) -- or from losing custody to someone else because he didn't act fast enough.

Relationships end for different reasons. Some are amicable while others are World War III. Unless there is fear for your well-being (or some other unthinkable situation), no one should do everything in their power to keep another away from his or her child. It's horrible organizations like Fathers for Equal Rights have to exist for men who want to play active roles in their children's lives to do so, but I guess that's the world we live in.

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As sad as it is that Chris wasn't able to see the birth of the child, at least he now has the chance to raise her in love, surrounded by a community of his relatives and friends. I also hope the adopting family -- who, from what we know, didn't have anything to do with this -- get matched with a child who wasn't given up for adoption in a manner like this.


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