Mom Threatened With Legal Action Because Her Son Told Other Kids Santa Isn't Real

santaHow would you feel if another child in your kid's class broke the news to him about Santa being, you know, not real? You'd probably be slightly annoyed, but probably not enough to, say, take legal action against the Santa-ruining child and his mom, right? Unfortunately, that's how one group of moms is reacting in that very situation.


According to a recent Reddit post that's quickly going viral, a Southern California mom was shocked when she was served with a "nasty" letter from a local law firm threatening suit because her son, a first grader, apparently told a group of kids at school that Santa was a big old fake (not a direct quote). As she tells it:

Last week my first grade son told a group of kids (best we can tell, Kindergarten through 4th grade) that Santa does not exist. These know it all, PTA, suburban Stepford Wives are PISSED (the kids moms). 

Today via courier (not the mail), I received a rather threatening letter from a well-known, local, elite law firm threatening suit due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment. Yeah, seriously. 

I should mention that one of the kids is related to a lawyer at this law firm, I believe a brother of one of the angry mom’s works there.

The letter has 8 kids names that were “traumatized” by my son’s “negligent actions” and demands that he stay away from them at all times, he is to never interact with them. 

Here is the icing on the cake, in lieu of suit: the letter states that I need to pay for a fully interactive “Santa Experience” whereby a hired Santa will be hosted at one of the kids houses for a “Santa Experience” where he hands out presents (at my expense), sings songs with all 8 kids, and offers general Christmas cheer. The purpose of this is to "reverse the damage my son caused and re-spark the child like wonderment that surrounds the holidays." 

They have given me until the 15th of September to “rectify this unfortunate situation.”

As a single mom, I really do not have the cash on hand to hire a lawyer. I am tempted to take this to the school principal for assistance…any advice here would be appreciated. I could honestly not give to flying fucks about these kids (I seriously doubt they are traumatized), but I need to protect myself and my little boy.

Um, seriously? This story is so outrageous that it's tempting to think it's as much of a big old fake as Santa, but I wouldn't be even a tiny bit surprised if it turned out to be real. So many parents these days take the whole helicopter thing to such an extreme that it's not at all a stretch to imagine that they'd extend their style of white-knuckled micromanagement to their children's beliefs about mythical holiday figures.

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And of course parents like these would feel like an interactive Santa experience is their due, after suffering such a horrible trauma. But the saddest part of all is how they're asking that the little boy be forced to stay away from all the other kids. Why should this kid be treated like a pariah for simply speaking the truth?? (Then again, that's some pretty good preparation for the real world right there.)

At least the vast majority of Reddit commenters are on this mom's side -- she's even receiving offers from lawyers willing to take her case, pro bono. And from an update to the mom's original post, it sounds like school principal thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, too:

I have a meeting scheduled this morning with the School Principal. I called him and left a voicemail + sent an email yesterday evening giving him a brief rundown of the situation. He called me last night and scheduled a meeting with me, himself, and some office resource admin that helps coordinate the PTA on behalf of the school. The brief conversation that we had, he eluded that he knew that there was "PTA drama" and that some kids had learned about Santa. One of the mothers had contacted him a few days ago asking what the school was going to do about this situation. We had a laugh at this woman's expense. 

So sanity and justice will hopefully prevail. Or else somebody should be expecting a visit from Krampus (who is totally, 100 percent real). 

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