Kids Reveal What School Is Serving Up for Lunch & It's Beyond Gross (PHOTOS)

school lunchSchool lunch is the butt of many jokes, but some Maryland schools may truly deserve the rap -- students in Prince George's County Public Schools have allegedly posted photos of their school lunch that's moldy, expired, undercooked, or otherwise just gross!


"Criminals are getting better food than we are," Tamera Perry, a senior at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, told FOX 5.

For instance, just check out this "pizza" served to one student: 

And there's plenty more that'll make you cringe, from expired juice to undercooked meet to mold-spotted burger buns to hollowed-out chicken nuggets. Someone is going to get sick!

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As a mom whose kid eats school lunch, I'm always worried about the quality (although I'd bet it might still trump my cooking). So when I hear stories like this, I am horrified.

The fact is some moms depend on school lunch because they're scraping by financially, while others depend on school lunch because they're busy. Whatever the reason, it's a huge breach of trust to serve food like this. Clearly Michelle Obama's school lunch initiative hasn't reached every school!

Learn more about this horrifying story (and see more photos!) below:

Image via Fox 5

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