Mom Changes Baby's Diaper on Restaurant Table

Restaurants should have changing tables. Absolutely! If a place is "family-friendly" and they include kids' items on the menu, they should totally have a changing table in the restroom. But if they don't, don't be like this Canadian mom who was so frustrated the place she was dining at didn't have a changing table that she decided to change her baby's diaper at the table. In the middle of the restaurant. 


The Ottawa mom in question was dining at Kelly's Landing Restaurant and noticed her months-old daughter Simone needed her diaper changed. When she discovered the restaurant didn't have a changing table, she asked the waitress if she could change her baby at one of the tables. She thought it would be okay considering no one else was dining at the time. This is where I really have a difficult time with this story. I could see maybe doing it near the restrooms after you put down a changing pad. Or on the hood of your car after you put down a blankie. Or on the sidewalk where no pedestrians were walking. But in the middle of the restaurant where people eat, where they eat food? Where they eat food they stick in their mouth holes? 

The owner of the restaurant was quoted as saying that she could have done it on the grass or on a park bench beside the restaurant.


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Listen, I know no one likes to leave a baby in a dirty diaper and that it can lead to rashes and it's all uncomfy for the baby and all that. By all means change your baby when he or she needs changing, but don't do it where people consume food. No matter who is or isn't around. The mom in question said: "As a paying customer and being a mother, I think that telling someone to leave a restaurant to change a child is treating them like a second-class citizen or worse." No, no it isn't! It's being asked to not have activities involving feces or urine around where food is served! You aren't a second-class citizen. This isn't a human rights violation. Yes, it would be nice if every place (well, besides casinos, strip clubs, and the all-in-one-shooting-range-ye-olde-pornography-shoppe-lye-factory) had changing tables, but if they don't? Remind yourself that no one needs bodily waste around his or her delicious food, and take your baby to get him or her diapered up elsewhere. 


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