Moms Stage Nurse-In When Store Employee Tells Woman She Can't Breastfeed in a Dressing Room (VIDEO)

nursingThe stories of rampant breastfeeding-shaming just won't stop, and the latest anti-nursing tale is even more extreme than most: Not only was a woman in northeast Portland told by a Marshalls employee that she wasn't allowed to breastfeed in the store, but she wasn't allowed to breastfeed in the store dressing room!


Yup, that's right -- Karina Gomez got busted for trying to breastfeed her baby daughter in a Marshalls dressing room. It's not like the woman was attempting to nurse in the middle of the shoe department or over by the clearance denim rack (both of which would have been perfectly legal, by the way); she was actually trying to breastfeed her baby in the privacy of a fitting room, and STILL she was told by an employee that she had to feed her baby in a bathroom stall instead. Seriously?!

Unsurprisingly, Gomez was upset enough by the encounter to take a picture of her predicament and post it to the Marshalls Facebook page. In her post, she wrote:

Yes, this is me sitting on a toilet feeding my sweet, Katalina Maria, after I was denied my right to breastfeed where I wanted to by a #marshalls employee. I was denied to breastfeed in a dressing room, instead I was directed to a bathroom stall to breastfeed. What a way to treat breastfeeding customers, shaming them for breastfeeding, making them feel embarrassed that you need to feed your child. I am angry, upset, but more so humiliated. My rights have been violated.

Well, I should say so!! And of course, tons of moms (and other non-crazy people) agree, which is why a group of about 20 local mothers staged a nurse-in at the Marshalls where Gomez was shamed. 

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“They need to train their employees. I think all retail, restaurants, they need to be more aware of how to approach situations like this, and be more appropriate,” said Julianna Gjerman, the mom who organized the nurse-in.

Indeed. One employee's ridiculous discomfort with a completely natural and life-sustaining act is no excuse for such horrible customer treatment. 

It's worth noting, however, that Marshalls does have a "policy in place which allows customers to breastfeed as they choose," and, according to a spokesperson, they have "looked into this matter and regret that it may not have been followed in this instance."

"We have asked the customer involved to reach out to us directly so we may resolve the matter and again, apologize for any inconvenience," the statement continued.

Yeah, I'm willing to bet this kind of thing won't be happening at another Marshalls anytime soon ("Okay, everybody! Time to go over those breastfeeding rules AGAIN!"), but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Anywhere. Will this ever stop?? Check out the video below for more:


Image via Daniel Peinado/Flickr

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