13-Year-Old Faces Assault Charges for Kissing 14-Year-Old at School

kiss sweethearts candyA 13-year-old boy at Pikesville Middle School in Maryland was arrested after kissing a 14-year-old female student who said she didn't want to be kissed. The 13-year-old unnamed boy is facing second degree assault charges in juvenile court. Excessive? Let's consider the facts.


This kiss was apparently the result of a dare. The boy took the dare and kissed the girl. The kiss reportedly lasted a second. I'll admit that those details feel kind of icky. The school has a "no tolerance" rule in place and so this kid's prank landed him with what I assume to be his first (and hopefully last) run-in with the law.

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I will admit that if my daughter was kissed by some boy on a dare and she didn't want to be kissed, I wouldn't be happy about that. I'd want details. What were the circumstances of this dare? Was this an attempt at making someone uncomfortable? Where do we draw the line?

If my son kissed someone who didn't want to be kissed, I would also be upset. There would be a lot of talking about the word "No" and the meaning. But I'm also not sure of this entire scenario. Was the kiss a surprise? Did he ask first? Was the girl in on the dare? Was this kid set up?

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Some sort of disciplinary action had to happen -- that I am completely on board with -- but getting the police involved? Seems excessive. What about the kids that dared him to kiss her? I think they need to be spoken to as well. Because of this no-tolerance rule, this kid is being brought up on assault charges, and all the kids involved -- and any kid who finds out about this -- should consider this a warning. Don't take or make dares like this. Pranks never ever turn out well.

The charges against this kid may end up being expunged. It may also scare him into never kissing anyone ever again.


Image via Andy Karmy/Flickr

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