Paralyzed Mom With ALS Fights to Breastfeed Her Baby (PHOTO)

Amanda BernierAmanda Bernier has ALS -- a disease that typically leads to a loss of motor skills, paralysis, and early death. Yet ALS did not stop this mom from giving birth or breastfeeding her baby -- not to mention sharing her inspiring story with others.


In March 2014 -- a mere two weeks after learning she was pregnant -- 29-year-old Bernier was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The news was devastating but not entirely a surprise, given her mother and grandmother had also died from it.

Within 5 months, she could not move anything but her head, and was put on a ventilator to breathe. Nonetheless, Bernier managed to give birth to her daughter via C-section at 39 weeks.

From there, she enlisted the help of nurses to put the baby to her breast -- and luckily her little "Peanut" knew just what to do. Read her entire story which she posted on Facebook below:

Nobody knew if I would be able to. My doctors could not find any case studies. Just lIke I knew that I would deliver a...

Posted by Amanda's Angels - ALS on Monday, September 7, 2015

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However challenging giving birth, breastfeeding, and raising a baby was for me, it pales in comparison to this mom. I'm in awe of her dedication to breastfeeding, and her good spirits.

"It breaks my heart that I can't be the mother that I wanted to be," she said in her post. "It crushes my soul that she won't have her mother for much longer and she will grow up with out me. However everything happens for a reason so I am glad that I will be by her side as her angel."


Image via Amanda's Angels/Facebook

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