Pregnant Woman Busted After Making a Child Push a Shopping Cart Full of Stolen Goods

As parents, we can only hope our actions support the message we try to teach our children. Hopefully Crystal Fondren will think about her recent decisions as the 21-year-old mom-to-be told a child to push stolen goods inside a shopping cart during a trip to a Chicago-area Walmart.


Sadly, this does not appear to be Crystal's first run-in with authorities. Just this summer, she was arrested for retail theft that might have some wondering why she hasn't seen the light -- especially when she's pregnant and has a young child to raise. Public defenders in her camp say she's been unemployed, which might provide possible motivation behind her actions. But do the ends justify the means?

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Look, I don't know Crystal, her background, or the ins and outs of her personal situation. There have been other stories popping up in the news about parents who stole for the sake of their child, and while I understand wanting to provide, I can't imagine the consequences that come with that decision. In Crystal's case, she's facing felony charges given she made a minor (the police report doesn't mention the child's age and whether or not it was her own) help her with her shoplifting endeavors. Given she stole around $400 worth of stuff, I can't imagine this young mother making her $100,000 bail before her hearing later this month. One can only hope there's a responsible person in her life who can take care of her child during this debacle.

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Obviously what she did was wrong, but does that mean I or we can't have a little compassion given she will see her day in court -- and have to deal with the ramifications of her actions? It's sad to think of children affected by their parents' poor decisions (crossing fingers for there to be something positive that comes out of this down the road).


Image via © Randy Faris/Corbis

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