School Writes Up Girl for 'Inappropriate' Outfit That Doesn't Show Skin (PHOTO)

girl sleeveless shirt sweater schoolA girl was given a warning at school because her sleeveless shirt defied the school dress code ... even though she was wearing a zip-up jacket over the shirt that completely covered her arms.

Although sleeveless shirts are forbidden at Springstead High School in Florida, 17-year-old senior Tessa Wisloh thought she was okay since her jacket covered her skin.
But then her teacher asked her to stay after class and remove her jacket to see if the shirt underneath was against school dress policies.
"They (said) you need to remove your jacket," Wisloh told the press. "And I'm like, 'Excuse me, this is my outfit. I'm not going to take off my jacket.' She says, 'We have to check and see if your shirt has sleeves underneath your jacket.'"

Tessa's dad, Frank Wisloh, defends his daughter, saying the school dress code is confusing and needs clarification.

"It's a little upsetting as a parent to think that my daughter is now getting harassed at school and asked to remove an article of clothing for something that just seems preposterous," he said.


And I have to agree: If you don't show skin, you don't show skin -- simple! This girl could wear leopard-print lingerie under her clothes for all I care. As long as her arms remain covered, I don't think the school should intervene.

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Image via ABC Action News

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