Home Run Lands Toddler With Black Eye & Cracked Skull (PHOTO)

rowan senders home runHome runs are generally a good thing ... unless that home run hits a toddler in the face. That's what happened at a recent baseball game, landing the poor 2-year-old with a black eye and cracked skull. 


Rowan Senders, 2, is a big fan of the White Sox, but not of the Cleveland Indian player Mike Aviles, who hit the home run at U.S. Cellular Field that sailed toward Rowan and his dad, Michael, who was also holding his 7-month-old daughter. 

"My first reaction was to try to cover him, but I had my daughter in my left arm so I couldn't get in the way," he told the press. "So I put my hand over his face like this, and it partially hit my hand and it partially hit his head."

Paramedics arrived quickly, and Rowan was treated at a nearby hospital. Although he suffered a black eye and cracked skull, he is expected to make a full recovery. The family has set up a GoFundMe page, Rowan's Medical Fund, to defray the costs.

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Given these events seem to be happening more often (or, at least, reported more often), I'm sure many parents are now saying, "Agh, I'll never take my kid to a baseball game, ever!"

But hey, if we're going to protect our kids from everything then we'd have to keep them in a padded room. I'd think the odds of this happening are slim, especially since you can probably see it coming your way first -- and can usually do something about it, like duck!

So I say, don't let this deter you from taking your kid to a game. But yeah, maybe you should keep an eye peeled for those home runs just in case.


Image via GoFundMe

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