13-Year-Old's Crazy Haircut Gets Her Kicked Out of School

leopard haircutA 13-year-old girl was sent home from school because her haircut was against their school's dress code -- only the girl's mom is speaking out, saying her daughter has a right to express herself through her hair.


The girl, Lauren Mcdowell, attends Forge Valley School in England. The school does have a uniform, and the girl's mom, Yvonne, does not have a problem with that.

But she feels that banning her daughter due to her hairstyle -- an asymmetrical cut that's shaved on one side to look like a leopard print -- takes things too far. 

"The school says they encourage children as individuals, but this is not supporting her. Lauren has a life outside of school," Yvonne told the press. "I have explained to the school that I can understand its uniform policy and I totally agree with it, but you cannot tell anyone how their hair should be styled. They are discriminating against her because of how she looks. She has the right to express herself in whatever way she wants as long as she is in school uniform."

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Yet the school has responded by saying their dress code doesn't just include clothes, but haircuts too. So, while the school may be technically in the right, whether their policy makes sense is something else entirely.

I get why school dress codes can be a good thing: They level the playing field to curb the odds that any one kid will get singled out and picked on for what they wear.

Still, kids need and will always want to find ways to express their individuality -- through their shoelaces, socks, jewelry, and, yep, hairstyle, too. Deny kids that right, and school becomes an oppressive place they don't want to be ... and that doesn't do much for their desire to learn.

So while I do think this mom should have read up on the school rules  first and factored that into her decision, maybe her child would be better off at another school entirely where her kid's choice in hairstyle wouldn't be scrutinized so harshly.

I just hope this kid's enthusiasm for school doesn't suffer as a result. In my opinion, her hair looks fabulous!


Image via Cipi Ripi Lala/YouTube

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