Crafting It Forward: How Your Kid Can Bring Joy to Young Patients Battling Cancer

cancer kid craftIf your kids love crafting -- and you want to instill in them the habit of helping others -- one cool new way to kill two birds with one stone is Crafting It Forward. Basically it's a twist on "paying it forward" where kids create crafts for kids struggling with cancer and other illnesses.


"There is a movement happening: Children are crafting for other children who are fighting cancer," says the company's founder, Candice Becklund. "There is a community trying to make a difference, and that community is children."

How it works: For $19 a month, your family receives by mail a box of DIY craft supplies to create various objects from finger puppets to wall decorations. The craft box also contains a shipping label with the address of a child suffering from a devastating illness. Your kids can then mail them their creations with an encouraging note ... or, if your kids are too attached to what they've made, you can also pay $8 and the patient will receive his own box of crafts to create.

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"These finished crafts are bringing joy, hope, and love to these children that have spent months, sometimes years fighting serious illnesses," says Becklund.

Plus, think of what good this will do your own child to learn the joys of giving to others. Even if your tots are too small to volunteer yet, crafts are a fun way to not only spend a Saturday afternoon, but to get them thinking of the positive impact they can have on others.

We say this sounds like a fun, inspiring win-win for all involved!


Image via Crafting It Forward

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