Teen Shoots Self While Taking One Extremely Dangerous Selfie

teen gun selfie shoots selfA teenager accidentally shot and killed himself for a truly tragic reason: He was trying to take a selfie with a gun to his head when the weapon fired.


While the Houston, Texas, teen's name has not been released, what we do know is that the 19-year-old died instantly. The teen's uncle was outside and ran in once he heard the shot and tried to revive the boy with no luck.

And in case you're wondering if this was truly an accident, so far authorities are saying the boy was not suicidal.

"All indications are this is an accident," say the Houston Police Department.

The teen also leaves behind two young daughters; the family says he was a "fun-loving" person.

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So sad. And this is hardly an isolated incident: About 100 kids die in accidental shootings every year.

I think it just goes to show that perhaps all people -- particularly teens -- should be taught the basics of gun safety. Like: Never ever point it at yourself or anyone even if you have no plans to shoot!

This may seem like a basic lesson, but I recall the first time I held a gun at the age of 20, and I remember the guy had to tell me, "Stop waving that around!"

Meanwhile, snapping a selfie with a gun ... well, that's all the more dangerous. Even had the gun not gone off, we doubt that posting this pic on Facebook would have garnered many thumbs up.

When it comes to guns, parents can never be too safe -- so let's please drive this home to kids before it's too late. 


Image via Oleksandr Berezko/shutterstock

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