Fast Food Restaurant Won't Let Pregnant Woman Pee Until She Pays for Her Sandwich

restroomWhen you're pregnant and gotta pee, you've really gotta pee. Like, now. Which is why it's unconscionable to hear that a pregnant woman was denied the restroom at a Subway ... even though her husband was in line to buy sandwiches.


The incident happened in San Antonio, Texas: Eduardo Mexia and his pregnant wife Noemi Velazquez had already ordered sandwiches when she asked for the restroom keys.

But even though their sandwiches were being made, the Subway employee wouldn't fork over the keys until their order was paid for.

"I told him 'she's pregnant,' and he told me 'I don't care,'" Mexia recalls.

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Now, perhaps this Subway employee has been burned umpteen times when customers pretend to buy stuff, use the john, then bolt before they lay down money. It's possible. But not probable. In that case, I think this is ridiculous even if the woman wasn't pregnant.

But the pregnancy makes this truly ludicrous. Pregnant women have bladders the size of peas; they really just need to go all the time. Every second counts!

To me, this sounds less like the employee is adhering to company policy and more like he just hates pregnant women -- or the world in general.

Thankfully Subway has responded saying this dude doesn't work there anymore. So, hopefully pregnant women harboring a hankering for a steak and cheese need not fear they'll have to wait if nature calls.


Image via Jerry Portelli/shutterstock

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