Alyssa Milano Is a Proud Member of the 'Two & Done' Club

alyssa milano Celeb mom Alyssa Milano is done having kids: Now that she's 42 with 4-year-old Milo and nearly-1-year-old Elizabella, this mama says she "thinks" she isn't planning on getting pregnant again.


Alyssa shared this news during a People interview, explaining that her age is the main factor behind her inclination to stop at two rugrats.

"I want another one, but I'm 42 so it's like, why push my luck?" she explains. "I have two healthy children and I had them both later in my life."

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To me, this reasoning makes total sense. At 42 with two kids, it'd be beyond exhausting to have another baby! Since I'm 43, I can tell you firsthand that every year in your forties takes the toll of three years in your thirties.

Plus, as Alyssa points out, there are more health concerns with pregnancies in your forties too -- any pregnancy above 35 is considered "high risk." So why stress your body and mind with all that when you've got two cute little cherubs who are sponging up as much of their mama sun as they can possibly get?

Although Alyssa may not plan to get pregnant, there may be one more kid in their future through other means.

"Maybe I adopt in six years," she says.

I like how she's entertaining adoption next, because it shows she's not hung up on kids being "biologically" hers and thinks that nurture matters more than nature. Yet do you see how she adds that this adoption won't happen for six years? Clearly she's got enough of her plate, so I get why she's reining things in ... at least for now.


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