Teen Girl Pulls 'I'm Pregnant With Triplets' Prank but No One's Laughing

pregnantWhen a Michigan teen announced she was pregnant with triplets, her family and community showered her with gifts and support; her boyfriend started looking for a job. But it turns out the teen's pregnancy was a hoax, made possible by a website called FakeABaby.com.


I know what you're thinking: How can you fake a pregnancy? Well, the website FakeABaby.com enables you to buy everything you need from ultrasound pics to silicone bellies that feel real when rubbed.

Yet as the months wore on, people got suspicious. Then someone contacted the family saying she'd spotted those same generic ultrasounds on FakeABaby.com and the ruse was up.

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The girl eventually admitted she was pregnant for six weeks then miscarried ... which could be true, or could not. It's hard to say.

What is clear is that she has mental problems if she was willing to put her friends and family through all that for nothing.

But perhaps it's not a total wash. Even fake challenges can bring out the best in people, and while I'm not impressed with this girl, I am by her boyfriend, who was totally willing to step up to the plate.

"I was excited, don't get me wrong, but I was scared," the boyfriend had told the press. "I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time."

I'm also impressed that her community rallied behind her, showering her with so many baby shower gifts and donations she couldn't even open them all.

Fine, so the pregnancy was fake. But the goodwill shown by this community is real. That, at least, is some silver lining.


Image via Africa Studio/shutterstock

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