Twitter's New Perk for Working Moms: Breast Milk Delivery to Baby Free of Cost

ship breast milk twitter freeWorking moms may soon be beating down the door at one tech giant in particular due to a cool new perk: Twitter now offers to ship pumped breast milk home to babies whose mothers are traveling for work.


As a working mom who did have to travel when my daughter was young, I can say from firsthand experience that it sucks! In the weeks leading up to my trip, I pumped until I was blue in the face to store up enough milk to tide my baby over until I was back.

Plus, while I traveled, I worried constantly that my husband would run out of milk at home. And although I was pumping on the road, I didn't even consider shipping milk back -- that would be way too expensive.

So, kudos to Twitter for this benefit, which ships the milk in temperature-controlled packages to keep it fresh. It makes sense: Companies ship all kinds of stuff every day, why not add milk?

Plus I love how this perk came about: through Twitter's "Mommy Mentor" program, which helps new moms transition back to work with peer mentorship.

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Since this perk was announced in July, nine moms have signed up -- which doesn't seem like much, but I'm sure it means the world to each and every one of them.

"The goal behind launching this program wasn't about scope or reach," explained Janet Van Huysse, Twitter's vice president of diversity and inclusion. "It's about positive impact for the employees that can and will participate in it."

That's good news well worth tweeting in my book!


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