Transgender Teens Talk to Their Future Selves & It'll Bring Tears to Your Eyes (VIDEO)

transgender teenThanks to Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism is a topic on many of our minds ... only what is it like to be a transgender teen today? And what will the future hold? Mashable decided to find out by asking transgender teens to talk to their future selves 10 years from now.


Overall, these sweet teens seem hopeful for the future -- as one 17-year-old put it, "I can't wait until I'm 27 and done with all this teenager garbage." They tell themselves to do what makes them happy, to not compromise on their values, to "not be a bum," and far more that made me downright teary-eyed. Check it out below:

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But the party that hits me hardest is when these kids talk about their parents.

One 12-year-old says she hopes her father will come around and be more supportive. Meanwhile a 19-year-old hoped she could be more "real" in the hearts of her parents.

I really hope ALL these kids went home to parents who hugged them tight and told them they are deeply loved and accepted for who they are. Because even today, being transgender isn't easy, and neither is being a teen. These guys need all the love and support they can get.


Image via Mashable

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