Doctor Ruins Mom's Birth by Taking Selfie in the Middle of It (PHOTO)

doctor selfie birthA doctor has caught major heat for snapping a selfie while delivering a baby. Plus the graphic pic -- which shows one of the physician's hands flashing a peace sign and the other in the poor mom's hoohah -- was then posted online. 


The incident occurred at a governent hospital in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and officials are now investigating whether the doctor should be fired, fined, or placed in a pit with angry moms who want to kick her butt. Here's the photo below:

Harap pihak kementerian kesihatan tolong ambil tindakan sewajarnya kepada doktor ni. Aib dan aurat orang bukan boleh dibuat main main.Tolong SIASAT BETUL ATAU TIDAK DAN ambil tindakan segera!

Posted by Kerabu Bersuara Group on Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Granted, at least the genitals are blurred out. Still, though, if my OB/GYN did that while delivering my baby I'd be SO MORTIFIED. And angry!

After all, here you are, going through massive pain and one of the biggest moments of your life ... and your doctor has just ruined it. I'm not saying doctors have to sit through birth solemn and stony-faced, but they should at least respect a patient's privacy and her right to a dignified birth.

And this isn't an isolated incident: Back in July, a doctor in Venezuela also posted a smirking selfie taken in the middle of a mother's birth, along with an obnoxious caption: "Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie."

My guess is that doctor -- a woman no less -- has not given birth, because if she had she would have realized this photo crosses a line that shouldn't be crossed.

I just hope that this incident didn't mess with this mom's birth experience too much. She and her baby deserved so much better.


Image via takasu/shutterstock

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