Dad Robs Bank to Pay for 1-Year-Old Daughter's Chemo Treatments (VIDEO)

No parent ever wants to feel helpless when it comes to providing for their children -- especially when they're battling cancer. Sadly, Brian Randolph now faces serious jail time after he reportedly robbed a bank to pay for his daughter's chemo treatments. The 23-year-old Michigan dad felt he had no choice but to steal after his insurance abruptly ended -- leaving coverage for his 1-year-old baby girl, Brialynn, a thing of the past. While most of us are taught at a young age not to steal, one has to wonder, do these ends justify the means?


From how this picture is being painted, it really makes my blood boil to hear this family was dropped from coverage due to paperwork, without so much as a response to this father's pleas to get his questions answered. As I think more and more about this story, just the mere thought of Brialynn's monthly chemo treatment for her eye cancer lurking around the corner (remember, insurance has poof! disappeared) is enough to drive me up the wall.

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It's so hard for me to even think about something like this because it's simply too heartbreaking. I can't begin to fathom how parents of children battling cancer like Brian cope, and what they do should medical bills become too unrealistic to pay.

I think it's easy to take a black and white approach to this matter. Yes, robbery is very wrong. Yes, this 23-year-old father could've tried other outlets -- like getting a second job (assuming he didn't already have one), or pleading with the public through some crowdfunding campaign -- but sometimes there are circumstances in life that make you feel so desperate that it appears there's only one choice to take.

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I'm not saying I condone what this dad did, but certainly do understand.

Brian will have to face the consequences of robbing a bank, but my God, my heart just breaks in thinking about parents who feel this is the only way to provide for their kids. Not only does this baby girl have to battle retinoblastoma, but will likely grow up not having her father around.

It's extremely unfortunate that an act to provide for a child turned into a nightmare of a situation, instead of a happily-ever-after scenario every family deserves.


Image via FOX 8 News

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