Kids Hate Dark Chocolate Which Means More Candy for Us Moms (VIDEO)

kids dark chocolateIt's a known fact that (most) kids love chocolate -- actually, it's a known fact that (most) grown-ups love chocolate, too! But when it comes to the darker stuff, kids aren't always on board ... as evidenced by this painfully hilarious video featuring kids trying dark chocolate for the first time!


Granted, the video is technically a commercial for Splendid chocolate, so the kids could be acting -- but I doubt it. Because in my experience, kids really are offended by dark chocolate, at least initially. It always goes something like this:

Hey, chocolate! Can I have some?? 

Sure, but you're probably not gonna like it because ...


Yeah but it's really not like what you're think --


Oh, fine. Here.


Eventually, of course, kids come to their senses and realize that dark chocolate is, like, what life is all about. Some of them do, anyway. But this video is still a fairly accurate depiction of Intro to Dark Chocolate Phase 1:

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Yup. Not the kid-friendliest of desserts. On another note, where can I get some of this Splendid chocolate?? I've never seen it anywhere, and it looks amazing. Seriously, even my kids would probably like it. Or not. But that would be fine, because then I would get to eat it all. More chocolate for me!!


Image via BBRChannel/YouTube 

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