Moms Join Forces to Create Awesome Clothes for Girls Who Don't Want to Wear Pink All the Time

pink clothesIf you've stepped into a girls' clothing store recently (or ever), you know that the vast majority of styles involve pink, sparkles, ruffles, and bows. But not ALL little girls like to look so girl-y -- which is why a team of moms has banded together to create some fabulously gender neutral fashion options.


The #ClothesWithoutLimits campaign was started by 10 "mompreneurs" from around the country who wanted their daughters to have clothing choices beyond the "pretty pretty princess" realm: T-shirts with dinosaurs, soccer balls and math equations instead of rainbow unicorns and glittery cupcakes, and even special-occasion suits for girls who abhor wearing dresses.

"Clothes are such an expression of who we are and ... how we choose to go out into the world is so important," said Michele Yulo, a member of #ClothesWithoutLimits. Yulo was inspired by her now 10-year-old daughter Gabi to create Princess Free Zone in 2009, one of the companies whose designs are featured in the campaign.

"I just believe that the more options (girls) have and they can see ... the less limitations they will perceive that they have."

True that. And while it would be nice to think that as a society we've moved past the days of "pink" and "blue" being the only gender-appropriate colors on the spectrum, the fact is that moms of daughters who don't like wearing traditional girls' clothes are often left with no other option but to shop in the boys' department, which leads to all sorts of other issues.

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"When she was younger, we'd hear kids whisper innocently to their parents, 'Is that a boy or a girl?,' kids at school saying, 'Why are you wearing boys' clothes all the time?'" said Sharon Choksi, another member of #ClothesWithoutLimits with a 10-year-old daughter, Maya.

I can't imagine how confusing and hurtful comments like these would be. This kind of scrutiny is something no child should be subject to. And hopefully, thanks to campaigns like this one (and the others which are sure to follow), this kind of narrow-mindedness will fade away over time. 

It's just a matter of getting more people on board -- especially high-profile types. In fact, here's an idea: If I were one of these mompreneurs, I'd be focusing on getting my designs in front of Angelina Jolie. Doesn't this stuff seem right up Shiloh's alley? Spokesmodel opportunity, Shiloh! Who run da world ... girls! 


Image via numbeos/iStock

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