Students Band Together to Protest Ridiculously Sexist Dress Code

shouldersYet another sexist school dress code is making headlines, and this one is really extreme: McHenry East and West High Schools in McHenry, Illinois, has put a ban on girls showing their shoulders in school. That means no sleeveless shirts and no sundresses (!) -- and students aren't having it.


Students feel, understandably, that the restrictions are sexist, and that in their misguided attempt to avoid "distracting" boys from learning, the school is in fact teaching boys to "think of girls as sexual objects." So a group of girls launched a Facebook group in protest of the dress code. 

"If you wear a sundress, the administration will come up to you and ask you to put on your jacket or leave class," said sophomore Hailey Everhart, one of the students who started the page, which features the following message:

The girls who made this page are from MCHS, a school that frowns upon showing shoulders, if you do, you will get yelled at to cover up, even if its hot out and your just trying to stay cool like everyone else.

We would like to let the school (and all schools that have this rule) to know we do not agree with this rule, we believe it is teaching girls at an early age that boys are always looking at their bodies.

The dress code is shaming women for being women, that shoulders are in no way sexual. We still believe there should be boundaries, we are not trying to encourage girls to show more skin, but rather to be comfortable in their skin and what they wear. Girls should be able to feel good in what they wear, not be shamed for it!

Preach, girls! The students even planned a "peaceful" in-school protest in which girls would go to school wearing clothes without sleeves. (The protest has since been canceled because a group of senior girls intervened, and say they are working with administration to get the code changed.)

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Here's hoping their efforts pay off, because I completely agree with the girls: That dress code is shaming women for being women, and shoulders are in no way sexual!! They do, however, like to be exposed when it's hot outside. Which it is right now. Just look at the shoulder-centric pic these students posted to their Facebook page -- it's summery, not sexy!

If my daughter were dealing with similar restrictions, I'd absolutely support her efforts to protest, and I'd approach the school myself. There's modesty, and then there's body-shaming, and this is definitely an example of the latter.

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