This Note From the PTA Is Perfect for Every Parent Sick of Stupid School Fundraisers

How great would it be this year if, instead of begging you to make endless batches of cupcakes for bake sales or sell endless rolls of wrapping paper and boxes of candy to raise money for your kid's school, the PTA just went ahead and asked for straight-up cash? That's what one school is doing, and the way they're asking couldn't be more hilarious!


For many parents, back-to-school means back-to-avoiding a near constant barrage of requests from the PTA, and all of those requests translate to tons of time spent -- time many busy moms simply don't have. Will you be making cookies, brownies, or pies for the bake sale? Which day can you volunteer at the book fair (and for how many hours)? Sell 800 scented candles and your kid's class could win a pizza party!

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The demands just keep on coming, and no matter how concerned you are with the quality of your child's education, it can frankly get a bit oppressive. Wouldn't it be easier if the PTA just asked us to write a check, already??

Well, yes -- and one school seems to have finally figured this out, to hilarious effect! Texas mom Dee Wise Heinz posted the below form sent home with her seventh grader this week with the following caption: 

"I love that our school PTA has a great sense of humor. This form came home with our 7th grader yesterday."

We love it, too! Check it out:

I love that our school PTA has a great sense of humor. This form came home with our 7th grader yesterday. 󾌴

Posted by Dee Wise Heinz on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I don't want to walk, swim, or run in any activity that has the word "thon" in it, either!! (And to be fair, I never do. Though I have chaperoned many a field trip.)

Let's hope more schools follow this one's lead! I bet they'll make lots more money this way, too.


Image via gchutka/iStock

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