Adorable Toddler Shows Off Impressive Manners When He Thanks Dad for Horrible Gift (VIDEO)

avocado boyProof that little kids don't need expensive toys as gifts to be happy: this adorable toddler who was pleased as punch to receive an avocado (yup, an avocado) all wrapped up as a present. Either he's just super polite or really into guacamole, but you've got to see his reaction to believe it!


To be fair, apparently this little boy's dad, Jeff Simmons, had recently been coaching him on the importance of manners, so maybe he wouldn't react quite so graciously to the gift of a piece of produce under ordinary circumstances.

Said Simmons:

"Earlier in the day we were teaching him that when you get presents from friends and family, you have to react in a polite way, even if you don’t actually like the present. So we wrapped up an avocado later on and this was his response!"

Check it out:

Awww! What a doll!! And yes, he just went through that whole Manners 101 crash course with his dad, but he seems like such a sweetheart I kind of feel like he'd say thank-you any old day (although notice how he's all, "Thaaaaaanks," and sort of slyly pushes the avocado off to the side).

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Also, he totally reminds me of these awesomely British-accented cuties who showed similar gratitude for their odd, edible gifts:

THANK YOU FOR MY ONION!!! I can't even with these kids, they are SO sweet. Kind of makes me want to try this trick on my own children, except one is still too little and the other two are too big and would just be like, "Are you serious with this?"

As I'm sure Avocado Boy will react if his dad tries to pull this in another ten years. I hope he takes video of that reaction and posts it, too!


Image via Vine Compilation/YouTube

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