Babysitter Confesses to Violently Shaking Infant But Parents Still Can't Bring Him Home

emergency roomMissouri parents Mariah Ramirez and Derek Podany are living every parent's nightmare: Not only did a babysitter violently shake their infant son, sending him to the hospital with injuries, but the state also removed the baby from their home, even though the babysitter confessed!


The nightmare began on July 22, when Ramirez asked a "close friend" to babysit 5-month-old son Daniel -- a friend Ramirez says she considered trustworthy. But when Ramirez and Podany got home, they found Daniel "lethargic and vomiting." At first they figured he had a stomach bug, but when he kept getting worse, they took him to the hospital -- where they were told he had "a subdural hemorrhage (blood on the brain as a result of head trauma), bleeding behind his eyes, and two fractured ribs," per Yahoo Parenting. In short, Daniel was diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome -- and as such, Ramirez and Podany were told that Daniel would not be allowed to return home with them (standard practice in shaken baby cases). Instead, Daniel was put in the protective custody of his grandmother. 

Gut-wrenchingly horrible, but it gets even worse -- because Daniel still hasn't been allowed home, even though the babysitter confessed to police after Ramirez received a phone call from a mom she "hardly knew" telling her that the babysitter admitted her crime. So why can't Daniel go home??

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Basically, no one is allowed to talk about the specifics of the situation: A spokesperson for the St. Charles County prosecutor says the case is “under review,” which means she can't comment on its progress; a spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Social Services says the details of this case are confidential. Ramirez and Podany have apparently been advised to stay silent until the babysitter is convicted, at which point Daniel will presumably be allowed home at last. 

The whole thing is just awful. First these parents have to suffer through knowing someone they trusted seriously hurt their child, then they're forced to be separated from him? As a mom, I would absolutely be losing my mind. The only silver lining here is that doctors say Daniel is expected to make a full recovery, but the fact that this innocent little baby had to endure such pain in the first place is unconscionable. We can only hope that this babysitter is brought to justice, and that Daniel is spared any further harm.


Image via KOMUnews/Flickr

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