Little Girl Gets a 3D-Printed Arm as Adorable as She Is (VIDEO)

prosthetic armTechnology is an amazing thing, especially when it truly helps people, and especially when those people are kids! Kids like 8-year-old Isabella, who recently received a 3D-printed arm that makes her feel just like a superhero (but we think the people who made the arm are heroes, too!).


The arm was made for Isabella, who is missing most of her left arm, by Drew Murray and Stephen Davies of Team UnLimbited, a volunteer partnership devoted to "developing new devices [and] research into materials and functional improvements." While Isabella's arm is not technically a prosthetic limb, the "main aim" of the arm is "to boost confidence and take away awkward unwanted situations and questions and replace them with 'how cool is that' remarks."

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According to Isabella's dad, who (along with Isabella's mom) reached out to Murray and Davies through their blog, the super cute and colorful arm is definitely fulfilling its purpose, and then some! He wrote:

"The gadget is so bright and bold that she insisted on wearing it to the local supermarket straight after she got it and proudly strutted around wanting the world to see it. She’s been keen to show it off and explain how it works ever since she got it and to almost anyone that will listen."

Awww! What a sweetheart. But to really get the full "awww" effect of this story, you've got to see the video of Isabella receiving her awesome gift -- and trying it out for the first time! Check it out (but get ready to wipe away some happy tears):

Like we said: Happy tears! Congrats, Isabella!!


Image via Stephen Davies/YouTube

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