The Reason Your Kid Hates Math Is Because You Hate Math Too

math homeworkHere's some frustrating news for lots of parents (including me): A recent study found that children of "math-anxious" parents are more likely to develop "math anxiety" themselves. However, there is something you can do to prevent this from happening -- or not do, as the case may be.


According to the study, this trans-generational transmission of math anxiety only happens when parents help their kids with their math homework. In a sort of twisted snowball effect nightmare, parents who stress out about math make their kids stressed out about math, which makes them get bad grades in math, which makes everybody even more stressed out about math. And the more parents try to "help," the worse everything gets. Other exacerbating factors include the constant introduction of "new" methods of learning math (Common Core, anyone??), which makes already math-anxious parents downright math-phobic. 

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Hey, I totally get it. Just looking at my kids' math textbooks gives me hives. I haaaaaaated math growing up, even though I managed to get decent grades, and retained next to no memory of anything having to do with algebra or geometry (or even fractions or decimals, if I'm honest). But I'm relieved to hear that I'm at least doing one thing right: I never help my kids with their math homework. They figured out pretty early on that I didn't know what I was doing ("Mom, that's not how you do long division anymore!!"). Instead, either my much less math-anxious husband helps, or we turn to the Internet for answers. Neither of which method has turned my kids into math lovers, but at least they get good grades and don't lose any sleep over the subject.

Oh yeah, and neither do I!


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