Brilliant Campaign Turns Irritating Parenting Advice Into Baby Wipes (VIDEO)

advice wipesThere's no question that one of the most irritating things about becoming a parent is the abundance of unsolicited advice that comes along with it. But now, thanks to U.K. baby brand Tommee Tippee, you can use those unwanted words of "wisdom" to literally wipe your baby's behind!


As part of the brand's #ParentOn campaign, "which aims to give parents the confidence to put away the baby books and trust their instincts when it comes to raising their kids," Tommee Tippee created "Advice Wipes," which are pretty much exactly what they sound like: Baby wipes made from actual recycled books, magazines, and printed-out blog posts on parenting. Brilliant! Just what we always wanted to do with all of those articles and chapters telling us what we're doing wrong as parents and how our children will suffer for it. Sadly, these limited edition wipes aren't available for purchase to the general public just yet, but that could change. In the meantime, you'll feel totally validated just watching this video:

Here's what to do with parenting advice from Tommee Tippee on Vimeo.


Could I be any more in love with this concept?? From the second our babies are born, the judgment begins -- and you can be sure that whatever choices you're making as a parent (breast vs. bottle, co-sleep vs. crib, free-range vs. helicopter), there's somebody out there who not only disagrees with those choices, but thinks you're a bad parent for making them. Which they're more than willing to tell you, of course. And while in the old days, women mostly only had to deal with mommy-policing from their own family and friends, the Internet now makes us feel like we're under a mothering microscope 24/7 ("You're holding the baby wrong in your Instagram shot! And is that juice your toddler is drinking instead of water??"). 

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For insecure new parents, in particular, all of this "advice" and the scrutiny that comes with it can be crippling, no matter how "well-meaning" any of it might be. So it's important for all of us to keep a sense of humor about this whole raising kids thing, and to remember that ultimately, even the best laid parenting plans turn to sh*t -- which is exactly what Advice Wipes are for! 

Seriously, if these things go on sale I will be first in line to buy them. Are you listening, Tommee Tippee??


Image via Tommee Tippee/Vimeo

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