Inspiring Father & Son Agree to Help Each Other Through Son's Rehabilitation After Coma

father son pactRick Delashmit and his 12-year-old son Reece have an inspiring father-son pact: If Reece is standing, Rick is running. Which makes total sense -- Rick needs to lose weight, while his son is recovering from a car accident.


Back in 2008, a car crash plunged Reece into a coma. Once he woke, he struggled to regain use of his limbs and stand, using physical therapy equipment in the family's home gym that was otherwise gathering dust.

Two years ago, with Rick's weight at 215 pounds, he realized he needed to make some changes to his own life, too. So he made the pact with his son that he'd run for as long as his son could stand up. 

Now, Reece can stand for up to 90 minutes ... and Delashmit has lost nearly 70 pounds. So the proud dad posted the photo below on Imgur with the caption, "He used to be in a coma, I used to be a fat guy." And it quickly went viral.

My son is recovering from a brain injury. We have a deal now...if he's standing, I'm running. He's up to 90 minutes and I'm down 70 lbs.

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And I totally get why: We parents push our kids to be the best they can be far more than we push ourselves. For instance, I ply my kid with fruits and veggies but rarely eat them myself. I push her to get out of the house and stay active, or at least do crafts or try to read a book, whereas all I wanna do is sit around and watch TV.

Is it any wonder my daughter drags her feet on doing all the things I'm not willing to do myself? That's not fair, and certainly not motivating to kids. They're smarter than that!

Studies have shown that the best way to motivate kids is to lead by example. In other words, practice what you preach, guys -- and you may be surprised how quickly your kids do you proud ... and that they'll be proud of you, too.


Image via Stink3y3/imgur

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