Pottery Barn Gets Flack for Selling 'Girl' and 'Boy' Backpacks

pottery barn kidsNothing to get kids excited about school like a new backpack! Only the backpacks at Pottery Barn Kids are causing serious strife for conforming to gender stereotypes of offering certain certain colors and styles to boys and girls.


Here's how this all came to light: 6-year-old Brady Murdough loves dragons ... and the color purple. Only when he tried to order a Pottery Barn Kids backpack in purple with a dragon patch, he realized that wasn't an option. All he could get on a purple backpack was a butterfly, fairy, rainbow, or owl. If he wanted a dragon, he'd have to go for "boy" colors of blue, green, or white.

So Brady's mom, Sarah, took her son's beef to Facebook.

"I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the gender stereotyping that is going on within your company," she posted on their Facebook page. "Why are you limiting their decisions and forcing such basic and antiquated gender norms on them? Why can girls not get green and navy backpacks and boys can’t get turquoise or plum? Also, what does it say to girls that they can’t get dragon, football or spaceship patches?"

See her full post below in all its eloquence.

Pottery Barn Kids-- I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the gender stereotyping that is going on within your...

Posted by Sarah Murdough on Friday, August 14, 2015

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After her post went up, plenty of other parents chimed in about their own kids' eclectic tastes.

"My daughter loves horses, princesses, painting and the colors purple and pink. But she also loves superheroes, her Lego monster truck, the Green Bay Packers and Hot Wheels cars," said one mom. 

Meanwhile another said her "son's favorite color is pink and he loves Darth Vader."

Since then, Pottery Barn Kids has contacted Sarah and not only offered her son the backpack he wanted with the dragon and in purple, but has vowed to change the color/design selection to not limit what boys and girls might want.

I hafta say, it's quite impressive to see how one mom's complaint could spread far and wide and cause a huge corporation to jump these days! But hey, I get it -- if my daughter wanted a skull-and-crossbones on her backpack, I'd be irate if a store only offered fairies and flowers, and it's bad press for a company to look old-fashioned on this front.

Here's to hoping we see lots of purple backpacks with boys this school season ... and dragon backpacks for girls.


Image via Pottery Barn Kids

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