Store Refuses to Print 'Inappropriate' Photos of Breastfeeding Mom

breastfeedingWalmart is known as a family-friendly store, but apparently it's not too friendly to breastfeeding moms: Employees at Walmart refused to print a mom's breastfeeding photos because they were "inappropriate."


Photographer Jennifer Luna was at a Walmart kiosk printing photos of a mom breastfeeding to publicize a local latch-on event. When the printer malfunctioned, she asked an employee for help. 

The employee's response? "It doesn't matter that they aren't printing right, you cannot print them here -- it's against company policy because you can see nipple." Only the photos show no nipple -- only a little bit of areola.

So Luna asked to speak to a store manager, who also said the photos were against company policy because they were "inappropriate."

So Luna too her "inappropriate" breastfeeding pics to Staples, who didn't blink an eye. She also complained to the media. Two weeks later, Walmart apologized, but we say too little too late!

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It's so sad and ridiculous that these beautiful photos were deemed obscene by not just one, but two Walmart employees. The whole "you can see a nipple" thing is so dumb. Nipple, areola, if a baby is in the pic it's not pornographic! 

Plus, to think that a large corporation like Walmart doesn't have it together to train their employees on this issue is a huge mistake on their part.

Guess where I'll be doing my back-to-school shopping? Not at Walmart, I can tell you that. Staples sounds like a much better bet.


Image © 3photo/Corbis

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