Parents 'Accidentally' Lock Baby In Hotel Safe But Leave Before Police Arrive

There's an odd story out of Niagara Falls, Ontario, of a family calling for help when their baby somehow wound up trapped in a hotel room safe. A hotel worker freed the child but the family fled before police could ascertain what happened. It could be an innocent mistake, but if so, why did the family leave without talking to police? It definitely seems like something fishy is going on or, these parents simply aren't very bright.


According to police, the parents were on the scene when a Howard Johnson maintenance worker came to their room to rescue the baby from the safe. The family then left the property before being spoken to by police. They are still in Canada and haven't tried to cross the border back to the U.S., and border patrol has been alerted with identifying information about their vehicle. The police want to be sure the child is safe.

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As a parent, I know it is easy to imagine how a baby could accidentally injure or trap themselves in a hotel room. After all, those spaces aren't exactly child-proof and there are multiple ways an enterprising baby or toddler could get themselves into trouble. That said, a safe is a whole different thing. A safe is usually not opened easily, as its entire function is to keep things inside. Someone had to have either opened it and forgotten to close it or someone put the baby in the safe, either as a joke or with a more nefarious intention. I would like to think that if it were the former, the parents would be eager to explain their stupid mistake to police so as not to look suspicious. The fact that they didn't hang around to discuss what happened makes them look potentially guilty. 

I always like to give parents the benefit of the doubt in these situations as I know how crafty my own children were when they were little. It is so easy for an accident to happen that might look like something far worse to an outsider. If that is the case, these parents need to sit down with police and tell their story. The fact that they are alluding law enforcement right now makes me think this baby might be in danger. Let's all hope it's just stupidity and not cruelty, for this little one's sake.


Image via © Big Cheese Photo/Corbis

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