Family's Photo With a 'Beach Buoy' Turns Out to Be a Total Photobomb (PHOTO)

Parents have plenty to worry about when trying to plan a trip to the beach with their kids. Generally, though, the fear that your children might wind up playing with a discarded bomb on the beach is not on the standard list of things to look out for -- but for one U.K. family, apparently it should have been.


The Gravell family, who live in Wales, had decided to head out to an area beach to enjoy a summer picnic last week. That's when they discovered a strangely shaped, barnacle-covered object on the beach. They guessed that the weird object was probably an old beach buoy, and decided to take some family pictures with it. Their son and daughter, age 4 and 6, were especially impressed with the barnacles (as they should be, because barnacles are cool). The only problem? The buoy wasn't a buoy ... it was a bomb.

A few days later, the official Facebook page for the park where the beach is located made an announcement: The object that had been hanging out in the sand for the past week was actually an antiquated American bomb. No one has identified the exact year of its make yet, but it's probably a relic from World War II, which is the last time anyone might have misplaced some serious munitions this close to the United Kingdom's shores. The Gravells were alerted to the new information by a friend who had also seen the official park announcement, and they feel pretty lucky that all that came out of their close brush with the bomb were some retroactively terrifying family photos:

Going to the beach with kids already involves compiling a list of worries a mile long. Are they wearing enough sunscreen? What if they get swimmer's itch? How bad is the riptide? And what about SHARKS?!? But now apparently there's a new item on the watch-out list, and that's "make sure your kids don't play with random objects they find washed up on the shore." I have enough on my mind already without having to consider the possibility that my family may explode mid-vacation.

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On the bright side, if you manage to avoid your own face-to-face encounter with discarded military-grade munitions, keep an eye on your local beach's Facebook page in case they find any old bombs in need of detonation. The Gravell family wound up heading back down to Pembrey County Park to watch the bomb squad take care of their old friend. And there's something to be said for a free fireworks show -- as long as it's not the kind that catches you by surprise.

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Images via ©  David Jakle/Corbis; Gar_Grav / Twitter

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