School Bans Confederate Flags Because Parents Fail to Teach Kids About Racism

Kids attending Charleston County schools were sent home with a note this week outlining a new district policy that bans the Confederate flag. Once again, schools are being forced to step in where parents fail.


See, if parents talked to their kids about racism then the Confederate flag would be a non-issue. Because then those kids attending the Charleston County Schools would already know there's nothing remotely cute about sporting a deeply racist and offensive symbol.

If parents talked to their kids about racism in America kids would already know the Confederate flag isn't about some Southern tradition or history, it represents the South's reluctance to give black people in America equal rights. The entire basis of the Confederacy was, according to VP Alexander Stephens, "The great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man."

That's the symbol you're willing to let your kid wear on their belt buckle? Pull it together. At best it's negligence. At worst, racist, willful ignorance.

If parents talked to their kids about racism they would know that the Confederate flag is held up as a symbol for white supremacist groups and really became popular in the South during the late 1950s and '60s in protest to the growing Civil Rights Movement.

But most importantly, if parents talked to their kids about racism and explained to their spawn why the Confederate flag is completely inappropriate, especially in school, then teachers could get back to the business of teaching, rather than policing symbolic hate speech. 

So here's a suggestion for all those parents who might need a playbook to explain why the Confederate flag has no place in school. If your kid comes home with a Confederate flag, first you ask them if they've completely lost their mind. Then you sit them down and talk about America's shameful history with race. And then you tell them they have to be better. Tell your kid that being a good person means standing up for what is right and learning from the mistakes of the past. It also couldn't hurt to remind them that wearing a Confederate flag is a hateful, aggressive affront to some people and could get the living snot beat out of them on the wrong day.

Then give them a big hug and tell them to get that thing the hell out of your house. See? That wasn't so hard, right?


Image via © Junior Gonzalez/fstop/Corbis

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