Young Boy Writes Sweetest 'I'm Sorry' to Library After Ripping a Page in a Book

You have to love the innocence of kids as they really do mean well. An adorable young Toronto boy wrote the sweetest apology note to his local library after a page accidentally fell out of a book he was reading.


As you can see, Jackson is really sorry.

Found in the book drop @ Main Street branch :) Here's to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson!

Posted by Toronto Public Library on Saturday, August 15, 2015

I don't know who Jackson's parents are but they're raising a fine young man. It's one thing to be sorry about something you did, but a completely different story to draft such an honest letter. Not only is this little boy getting practice in the reading department, but he doesn't have bad penmanship either.

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I just wish more people would "take a page" from Jackson -- like when they hit your car and don't leave a note. We'll save that dicussion for a different day.


Image via © Michele Constantini/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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