Military Mom Deployed for 4 Years Must Fight for Custody of Her Kids

military mom fights custody of kidsAmanda Hurst, who's been deployed and defending our country overseas for four years, returned home recently to find out she must now wage another battle: This military mom must now fight for custody of her kids.


How could this happen? Before leaving her Florida base for Iraq in 2009, Hurst was married to the father of her two kids, who are now 12 and 13. But her husband wasn't mentally stable, so Hurst dumped him and decided to leave her kids in the care of her stepmom.

"I chose to stay in the military because as a single mom, it was a way for me to provide for them," she explained about her decision.

Well, the stepmom decided to move without Hurst's permission to New Jersey, where the kids ended up experiencing behavioral issues and needing emergency mental health services. They were turned over to foster care there.

So when Hurst returned to Florida in 2013, she found out her kids were in Jersey -- and couldn't be turned over to her until Florida's Department of Children and Families agrees to provide similar services for her kids.

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"I want my kids back," Amanda Hurst told the press. "I want to be with my kids. I've missed so much of their lives serving my country that I don't want to miss any more."

We don't blame her! So sad that a mom who's sacrificed so much time with her kids to serve our country must now fight for custody of her kids. It sounds downright un-American. 

It also points to a larger issue: that the military really needs to make things easier on moms. They shouldn't have to face these awful predicaments alone. I mean, they're defending our country for God's sake! The least we can do is return the favor.

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