Dad Nearly Crushes Baby Trying to Grab Baseball Homer (VIDEO)

Meet a dad who clearly lost his mind after Albert Pujols launched a left-field homer in the second inning of Monday night's Angels game. Armed with a glove on one hand and a toddler in the other, watch dude almost flip over the fence and crush his baby making a grab for the ball. It's a baseball. Calm down.


Luckily all involved escaped the entire incident without injury.

In a bit of karmic retribution, the bad dad, later identified by announcers as Eli Strickland, wasn't able to hold on to the ball and had to stand by helplessly as an usher launched his prize into the stands. The look on his face is priceless.

Later, after watching Strickland's struggle, the announcers felt bad for the guy and were able to retrieve the ball and send someone to give it to him. Happy ending.

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The other amazing part of this video is how totally chill Mrs. Strickland seems with the whole thing. Most moms would get prrreeettty upset at the sight of their baby being dangled over a fence over a stupid baseball. She must be a big fan too.

Big night at the ballpark for the Stricklands. But next time you want to catch a Pujols homer, go ahead and put the kid down first. Sheesh.


Images via Alone/YouTube

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