Cops Pull Over Speeding Car But Deliver Baby Instead of Ticket

cop car give birthSome Seattle cops who pulled over a speeding car found out the driver had every reason to put pedal to the metal: The woman inside was in labor -- so rather than issuing a ticket the cops helped her give birth.


After spotting the car running red lights, Officer Anthony Reynolds flashed his lights to pull him over. That's when the driver jumped out and said his wife was in labor.

The cops called for an ambulance, but the baby wouldn't wait for the medics. So Reynolds helped clear the newborn's airway and get her breathing. The family was then whisked off to a hospital and all's well that ended well.

Yet the couple took the time to send a thank-you note to the officers for their help: "You have helped deliver a precious gift," they wrote. "we are so grateful."

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I hafta say, this story warms my heart. Roadside deliveries are incredibly rare, so it must be a nice change for cops to deliver a baby rather than hand out speeding tickets to sullen recipients.

And I'll bet that mom was glad she got pulled over too: Obviously she wouldn't have made it to the hospital, so it must have been a relief to have the cops call an ambulance and help with the delivery.

Just a sweet little reminder that cops really can save the day!


Image via Jaromir Chalabala/shutterstock

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